1,900 checks, or about $10 million, paid by new oil spill claims operation


MOBILE, Alabama — As of Monday afternoon, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility — which took over oil spill damage payments Aug. 23 from BP PLC — had written about 1,900 checks for $9.7 million.

Almost 29,000 people had filed claims, according to the statistics.

By comparison, eight days after BP started its claims process, about 2,700 claims had been filed, and the company had written 122 checks worth $631,000, according to data from BP.

By the time BP handed over the process to Ken Feinberg, an independent administrator agreed upon by the company and President Barack Obama, more than 144,000 claims had been filed, and BP had paid out nearly $400 million, according to records provided by the company.

Feinberg said Monday that nearly 20,000 claims filed by individual workers had been reviewed, and that all would receive by today either a check for lost earnings or a message indicating what information they need to file to complete their claim.

Amy Weiss, a spokeswoman for the claims operation, said daily stats would be posted online at www.gulfcoastclaimsfacility.com.

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