1200 Boats Still To Be Cleaned Of Oil


NEW ORLEANS – Coast Guard Rear Adm. Paul Zukunft (ZOO’-kunft) said in a teleconference Wednesday that more than 6,000 boats worked on the cleanup after the BP PLC well blew wild April 20. The government’s point man for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill says 135 “vessels of opportunity” are still on cleanup duty and about 1,200 boats are themselves waiting to be cleaned.

He said 3,600 of them needed to be cleaned of oil, and about two-thirds of them have been decontaminated.

Zukunft says about a dozen vessels are recovering equipment from the sea floor at the well site and doing preliminary decontamination on drill ships there.

Zukunft also said the spill response cost is now about $27 million a day. At the height of the nation’s largest oil spill, it was about $67 million a day.

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