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  1. james michalopoulos says:

    Thank you for your very important work. I’m available to help. I have space to contribute for fund raising. I will donate or raise money to support a livable environment. I like many others am a nightly victim of Frenchman St. noise and helpless to fight it. A live band plays every night of the week on the corner of Frenchman and Chartres for 3 or more hours. There is no quiet;the noise levels are punishing. Please let us know what we can do to help. I will write Councilwoman Palmer tonight.

  2. John Burris Jr. says:

    Yet another reason why locals hate the Quarter. Terrible cops with poor leadership and the amount of BS that goes on there is inconceivable.

  3. Rick Jameson says:

    Thank you Stuart. You fight with great passion. I thought David Woolworth was suspect from the onset. After I read his unbiased ‘boilerplate report’ (with great boredom) I wondered what planet he was on. Obviously not the part called the French Quarter. If you have an iPhone you can download an app that measures ambient noise in decibels . I did just that then took a measurement in front of the Crazy Corner on Bourbon 8′ from the door. This was a week night with little to no foot or vehicle traffic on Bourbon. The peak level was 118db. At this level an individual may suffer permanent hearing loss in less than 30 seconds. If potential customers knew this then this could be a game changer. Just thinking out loud.

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