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If you want more evidence that the so-called “debate” — kicked off and ginned up by a BP public relations executive and aided and abetted by a compliant news media — over whether or not the oil giant’s 5-million-barrel 2010 spill destroyed the Gulf is a ridiculous argument, just check out the latest casualty figures. This weekend, there was an alarming new scientific report about the massive harm that BP’s [...]

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Here’s a horror story involving birds that even Alfred Hitchcock never could have dreamed up. If you followed BP’s Deepwater Horizon catastrophe beginning some four years ago, then I’m sure you remember the heart-wrenching photographs of wildlife-rescue workers plucking oiled birds off our Gulf Coast beaches. While these photos sparked national outrage over BP’s carelessness that caused a whopping 5 million barrels of crude oil to spill off the Louisiana [...]

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In Louisiana, we are blessed to have a one-woman environmental protection agency by the name of Bonny Schumaker. A retired NASA physicist and pilot, Schumaker has found a way to merge her love of all creatures and her passion for flying to create an amazing operation called On Wings Of Care. She flies animal rescue missions but since 2010 has also devoted a lot of her energy toward helping her fellow [...]

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