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A couple of days ago I wrote about a new low for BP: Allegations that officials with the British oil giant or its massive PR firm Ogilvy & Mather may have been aware of an online social media smear campaign. The harassment targeted regular citizens who dared to criticize the company that — in case you’ve somehow forgotten — caused the death of 11 workers and spewed 5 million barrels [...]

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The ongoing BP civil trial here in New Orleans continues to expose two things: The human tragedy and sorrow of what happened aboard the ill-fated Deepwater Horizon rig on that night nearly four years ago, and the many blunders and greed-laced miscalculations that made it happen. Yesterday, we heard some heartbreaking testimony from one of the rig workers who survived the explosion, Transocean tool pusher Randy Ezell: Ezell was searching [...]

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We’re following news reports of a new fatal oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Ironically, this new tragedy occurred just hours after a $4.5 billion criminal fine was imposed on BP for its reckless behavior in the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion in 2010. Here’s what we know so far: WEST COTE BLANCHE, La. — Coast Guard officials say an oil rig fire has been put out after an [...]

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