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Elections matter. That was especially true last fall in Louisiana, when voters went to the polls to elect a replacement for the term-limited Gov. Bobby Jindal (who, if you’ll remember, had the audacity to be running for president at that time). It’s pretty hard to make a case that Jindal wasn’t one of the worst governors in the modern history of the state; Louisiana’s budget was left in shambles, and [...]

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For years, the powerful oil and gas industry in Louisiana has dominated life in this state — its economy and especially its politics. But after a remarkable turn of events over the last year, Big Oil and Gas here in my home state has become more like a cornered, wounded beast of prey — and so now the industry is thrashing out wildly, clawing in every direction. And it’s kind [...]

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There’s been some stunning developments this week in the fight against Big Oil — one of them right here in Louisiana. It was just last year that an epic expose in Harper’s magazine pulled the lid off some of the undue, outsized influence that the oil industry holds here in our Sportsmen’s Paradise, and a key element was the clout that the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association and its longtime [...]

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