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In the fall, I told you about my friend and associate Jerry Cope and his fantastic effort to enlist some of the world’s top pop music stars to build popular support for a real solution on the issue of climate change. The first step toward solving any problem — even one as complex as greenhouse gas pollution by the world’s industrialized nations — is raising public awareness. In recent years, [...]

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There’s nothing better than popular culture for raising social awareness, and right now there’s no issue that’s more in need of social awareness than climate change. At the end of this month, the world’s leaders — including President Obama but also most of the chiefs of state of the world’s largest nations — are gathering in Paris for what will hopefully produce a real approach for fixing the problem of [...]

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I continue to be flattered by the good notices and coverage of my new book, Crude Justice: How I Fought Big Oil and Won, and What You Should Know About the New Environmental Attack on America. This week, an environmental activist and writer that I’ve known for years, Jerry Cope, interviewed me for the Huffington Post, and we talked about the book — and how Big Oil’s ever-growing political influence has allowed the energy giants [...]

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