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When the U.S. Chamber of Commerce isn’t representing commerce…or the U.S.


On one hand, it should come as no surprise that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants to enter the dispute over the BP’s multi-billion dollar settlement with residents and small business owners on the Gulf Coast, or that it wants to enter on the side of the Big Oil giant. While the name “Chamber of Commerce” may invoke bucolic images of a 20th Century Main Street, with its hardware...

BP’s desperate, pathetic attack


There’s a new stench hovering over the Gulf Coast, and once again BP is responsible. This time, however, it is the sour smell of desperation.  I’ve told you several times in recent months that BP — after arguing strenuously and winning approval for an $8.7 billion Deepwater Horizon  settlement with Gulf residents and small business owners — is trying just as hard to renege...

Outrageous BP seeking to welch on settlement


BP has got to be the most un-self-aware company in the history of global capitalism. The recent criminal trial in federal court here in New Orleans exposed the very worst of the British oil giant’s corporate culture: A firm that is desperate to delay, obfuscate, and cover up the true facts of its bad behavior from the people of the Gulf Coast. It was back in the first few days after the...

How BP poisoned 170,000 Gulf cleanup workers


The most misunderstood — and arguably the most tragic — outcome of the 2010 BP oil spill is the very serious risk to an estimated 170,000 citizens who had some role in cleaning up the environmental disaster. A veritable army of civilians — some hired though BP, but many of them volunteers worried about the impact of some 5 million barrels of crude oil on the Gulf and its...

NYT columnist doubles down on the pro-BP stupid


New York Times columnist Joe Nocera won’t back down. Even though his past columns defending corporate polluter BP and its wanton recklessness and portraying Gulf Coast residents seeking justice as greedy fraudsters have been mocked and ridiculed in  many quarters, he was back on the case this week. Nocera seems to live an alternate universe where BP is the upstanding citizen and not the...

Scientific panel says BP damage to the Gulf is incalculable


If you follow the business news, you may have heard that BP has nearly burned through the money — believed to be some $40 billion — that the oil giant set aside to pay the array of claims and government penalties for the widespread damage to the Gulf of Mexico from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. In particular, the Big Oil icon is alarmed that Gulf residents, workers and...

The forgotten divers of Deepwater Horizon


This past weekend’s Memorial Day ceremonies were a special time for remembering the many men and women who were called to serve and who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The troops who have fought for our country are truly special — and yet at the same time they embody something more fundamental about the American character. There is a deep instinct among so many citizens...

Justice coming too slowly for beleaguered sinkhole residents


It’s hard to believe, but with summer upon us we’re also getting closer to the one-year anniversary of the sinkhole fiasco in Bayou Corne. That means that roughly 350 residents of this bayou community 70 miles west of New Orleans have spent months now out of their homes in a forced evacuation, fleeing the smell of methane, an ever-widening hole in the earth that could now accommodate...

Boo hoo — BP sheds crocodile tears as it seeks to duck responsibility for the Gulf


Every so often, I worry that I’ve lost my capacity to feel anger and outrage over the oily monster that is British Petroleum — but if there’s one thing that BP is very good at, it’s fueling…rage. Here on the Gulf Coast, we’ve been fighting for three years to make sure that BP — a massive multinational corporation that makes billions of dollars in profit...

Noose tightens around NALCO’s neck as more damning info on BP, Corexit surfaces


Is a little-seen academic paper the smoking gun that blows the lid off the growing Corexit scandal in the Gulf of Mexico? You’ll recall that Corexit is the brand name of the oil dispersant manufactured by Illinois-based Nalco and deployed heavily by BP in the first couple of months of 2010’s Deepwater Horizon spill. In fact, with the acquiesence of the federal government, the oil...

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