30th Dead Dolphin of the Year Washes Up in Bon Secour Bay (VIDEO)

BON SECOUR, Alabama – Dead baby dolphin discovered in Bon Secour Bay in South Baldwin County…making it the 30th dead dolphin found since the beginning of the year in Mississippi and Alabama.

Marine biologists from Gulfport rushed to North Bay Road in South Baldwin County when a dead baby bottle-nosed dolphin was found floating in Bon Secour Bay. The scientists aren’t sure how the dolphin died and aren’t ruling out oil as a possible cause of death.

Scientists believe the dolphin was still-born or possibly aborted. They conducted on-site tests and couldn’t find external oil present. The biologists took tissue samples of the baby dolphin and will check for hydro-carbons, an oil by-product, back at their Mississippi lab.

30 dead dolphins, including 24 babies, have washed up on beaches in Alabama and Mississippi since the beginning of the year.

See video here: http://www.wkrg.com/gulf_oil_spill/article/dead-baby-dolphin-washes-up-in-bon-secour-bay/1205027/Feb-23-2011_7-59-pm/

Media Outlet: WKRG (Original Source)

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